Switching to Pathway Care

At Pathway Care we aim to make everything run as smoothly as possible. That's why, if you are already a foster carer, we'll aim to make the switch to Pathway Care as easy on your family life as possible, and most importantly we aim to make as little impact as we can on the relationship you've built up with your existing foster child. That way, you can continue to focus on being a good parent while we take care of the hassle.

Also, we provide accelerated assessments for experienced carers who switch to us.


Ever wondered about transferring foster agencies but don't know where to start? Pathway Care are on hand to provide care and support to make the move as simple and easy as possible. Watch our video to learn more about transferring to Pathway Care.

Watch our video


Why switch to Pathway Care?

We are one of Britain's leading independent fostering agencies. For over fifteen years we have been building strong and stable relationships, that's why Pathway Care is now one of the most trusted fostering provider. With strong links to local authorities we have the best system in place to take care of all the things you don't want to. You provide a happy home and we aim to do the rest. This means more successful matches and more long-term placements so that you spend as little time possible without a child to care for.


What will happen to my existing foster children?

We believe the most important thing is always the welfare and happiness of the child. Pathway Care always ensure that the relationship between foster carer and any placements they have at point of transfer is taken into serious consideration. The first step is a Protocol Meeting between the old agency, Pathway Care and the local authority, where we can decide on a path that best suits the interests of the children already in your care.


How long will the transfer process take?

We work around the clock to ensure the transfer is as quick and as smooth as possible. The process typically takes around four months and we will be with you every step of the way.


Are there guidelines for transferring from one service to another?

Absolutely. There is a clear set of guidelines that aim to make the transferring process as simple and easy-to-do as possible. The most recent were updated in 2015 and help explain good practice and guiding principles for any foster carer wishing to transfer.

View the Transfer of Foster Carers guidelines

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