How we support our foster carers

At Pathway Care we understand that good foster care takes time, dedication and commitment. We are always by your side throughout the journey, helping you to become a great foster carer. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week we are here to help, offering emotional and practical support that means you will never be on your own.


We know becoming a foster carer can be a difficult decision, that's why we want to provide you with as much information as possible. What better way to learn than hear all about it from someone who has been there before? Watch our video to understand the carer support Pathway Care provide, from a real-life carer.

Watch our video


Local Office Support

There is nothing more valuable than face-to-face care. With our network of offices spread all the way across our regions, we provide convenient locations for you to find the support and advice you need from our expert team.


Supervising Social Workers

From the very beginning we provide you with a dedicated Supervising Social Worker whose main concern is providing you with all the help you need. Your worker will do everything from helping you with your application, to finding your first placement and is on hand whenever you need them.


Support Workers

Every placement is different. That's why our full-time support team work hard to make sure each placement has everything it needs in order to be successful. Our Support Workers help strengthen sensitive placements by working closely with the children and the carers to make sure everyone is happy.


Foster Carer Forums

There is no better way to become a better carer than by learning from those who have already been there and done it. We provide informal local group sessions that offer you the opportunity to speak to other foster carers, share experiences and become part of the great fostering community.


Buddy Support

Pathway Care understands it's important to get help and advice from all different sorts of people. On top of the full-time support offered by our expert team, we provide you with a Buddy who can talk you through the process. Buddies are experienced foster carers and can often form close bonds that last throughout your whole foster career.



Fostering is not always easy, which is why we want to provide you with as much professional support as you need. We offer fully trained counselling support and trained pyschologists when placements require it. This type of support helps equip you with the skills needed to create a happy home.


Match Finder Meetings

We know it's not always easy to find the perfect placement. We provide Match Finder meetings that work with local authorities to identify the best placement for you.


Additional Needs Support Groups

Every part of every child's life is important to us. If a child is under-achieving in school, or struggling with their placement, we provide groups to help the child realise their full potential and ensure the support is there when they need it most.


Birth Children Support Groups

Are you worried about how your birth child will adapt to having a foster child at home? We understand this can sometimes be difficult and so we provide support groups for children to share their feelings, have fun and learn from other young people their own age.

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