Carer training

The more training you receive the more care you can offer a child. Whether you’re completely new to foster care, or have years of experience, we will provide you with training and support specifically suited to work best for you.


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Learning your way

All children are different, which is why we offer training that is catered to the needs of the children in your care. You can choose from a range of 'in the room' group courses and online training to create the system that best works for you.


Skills to Foster

Pathway Care fostering works hard to provide you with the skills you need. Facilitated by a social worker and an experienced foster carer, our Skills to Foster programme is a comprehensive induction plan that details everything you may need when starting as a foster carer.


Our training programmes

We're great believers in sharing new methods and proven techniques to help make you become a better carer. Our training is designed to cover everything you may encounter in a child's life. With courses ranging from the Impact of Abuse and Neglect, to the Role of Social Media, you will have everything you need to make a positive impact in your child's life.

Each programme covers three levels of foster care training: Essential, Extra and Expert. That way, no matter your experience as a foster carer, there will be help designed just for you.


Fostering Changes

Developed by Kings College London, Fostering Changes is a 12-session, nationally recognised, social learning programme for our foster carers, promoting positive outcomes for you and the young people you’re caring for.


Professional development

We will be with you to monitor your progress each step of the way. By your first annual review, you’ll have completed your induction training and received a personal learning and development plan. After this you can choose to take any further training that will help you meet the needs of your children.


Transferable Skills

We know how frustrating it is to repeat things you already know. So, if you are an experienced carer who has switched to us we won't make you re-do any training you have already done. We will however make sure to include your valuable past experience and transferable skills in your personal development plan.

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