Parent and child

Parent and child foster care

We always try to keep families together as much as possible. This is where parent and child foster care can prove very important. This type of care looks after young people under the age of eighteen and their babies, providing them with a steady home to start raising their child. It can also mean offering care to older parents with complex needs in need of a helping hand with parenting.


Why should I consider parent and child fostering?

Becoming a parent is never easy. Becoming a parent at the age of eighteen is even harder. That’s why caring for a parent and child can be so important. You will offer support and instill confidence in a young person so they feel ready to cope with the challenges of parenthood.

We think of the welfare of both the parent and child and so we try to keep them together as much as we can. However, this isn’t always possible. Together we will decide if the young person is capable of giving the care the child needs.

Obviously this type of decision cannot be made overnight, so we will offer specialist parent and child training and qualifications that will make you feel confident in dealing with the most demanding of situations. Together, we will make a decision that is in the best interests of the parent and the child.

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