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Why Local Authorities choose Pathway Care

Meeting Local Needs

Pathway Care has sufficient scale to deliver efficiencies without compromising on quality and is organised so that the agency responds to and reflects local need. We aim to be the IFA that has the greatest positive impact for children in terms of practice, carer quality, achieving outcomes, Local Authority engagement and value for money. We always strive to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our Local Authority partners with continuous service improvement led through direct consultation with both external and internal service users.

Why Local Authorities choose Pathway CareThrough consultation with Local Authority partners we are willing and able to develop new specialist services for children and young people that better meet individual needs of Local Authorities and contribute to making better use of the overall child social care budget e.g. Safe Steps Transitional Care programme. Pathway Care has a dedicated foster carer recruitment team and process to grow foster care capacity.

From referral trends and dialogue with our Local Authority customers we ensure that the foster carers recruited reflect the needs, culture and diversity of the children and young people within that Authority's area.

Our continuous recruitment activity has been successful in expanding choice by attracting both people new to foster care and experienced foster carers from other IFA’s. (It is not our policy to recruit carers from Local Authorities) This expanding bank of carers allows Pathway Care to apply the utmost rigour in safely matching the needs of the child or young person with the skills and attributes of locally based foster carers as the basis for placement stability and achieving positive outcomes. We are passionately committed to local placements for local children and helping Local Authorities meet the sufficiency agenda.

Carer Support Carers receive excellent support from our Regional Support Centres which house the local social work team, recruitment, QA and training resources. 24/7 emergency support is also delivered locally ensuring carers receive immediate assistance in times of crisis. This commitment to having class leading support is an essential contributor to retaining carers

Living our Values

Our 4 Core Values are;

  • Put children and young people first: We will be measured ultimately by our commitment to the children and young people in our care and the outcomes we achieve. 

  • Keep a local focus to achieve a national vision: Our focus is local and individual, backed by building national strength, standards and support. 

  • Strive for excellence in all we do: We set high standards for ourselves and others to ensure that we are delivering the best service. 

  • Provide best value: We will provide services that our Local Authority partners value in terms of impact and cost.

Our 7 Supporting Objectives are;

  • To provide the Local Authority with a choice of services that can be tailored to best fit the needs of the child or young person and through close consultation, be pro–active when it comes to the placement needs of looked after children. 

  • To undertake continuous foster carer recruitment activity to ensure our register of foster carers reflects the needs, culture and diversity of the children and young people for whom we care.

  • To apply the utmost rigour in matching the needs of the child or young person with the skills and personal attributes of our foster carers. 

  • To deliver localised and qualified support, training and development opportunities for foster carers enabling them to provide the highest quality alternative family, creating and maintaining a stable, transforming environment. 

  • To enable children or young people to benefit from good healthcare and education and take the next step to building a more secure future, achieving their full potential. 

  • To facilitate and promote contact with the birth family, where and when appropriate. 

  • To create and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement in everything we do.

Pathway Care - Leading to a better future.

Quality Assurance

Pathway Care has a culture of continuous improvement and professional development. Best practice is our bench mark. This culture is embedded throughout the agency. The quality assurance department supports, informs and encourages service delivery and development of foster carers through reviews, self assessment exercises and policy development.

Our Staff

Professional development for individual staff is established and delivered via regular supervision and a dedicated Learning & Development department. We are able to recruit staff with a high level of experience and competence and they are encouraged to further their own development. Robust staff appraisal systems are in place with regular supervision sessions which strengthens their personal development.

Our Carers

Foster carers are recruited within safe and competent policies and procedures. Approval of foster carers is a rigorous assessment of potential such that we have a clear understanding of approved carer induction and continuous development. Our in-house Learning & Development function and supervision systems support and empower carers in undertaking the fostering task to the highest level and understanding how best to support each child or young person matched and placed with them.

Inspection Reports

We are very proud of the quality of service that we provide to Local Authorities and for the children in our care, our inspection reports are a further confirmation of the standards that we work to.