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What Our Carers Say


‘I would like to thank Alison McAllen for all her support and patience with my endless phone calls during the evenings, holiday and late nights. She always returned my calls and carried me through difficult times. I would like to thank everyone in Pathway Care from the training department to the admin staff and support workers in particular Tina Williams for her support.’

“I really appreciate the help, support and comradeship I experienced during my time as a Foster Carer with Pathway Care. I always felt appreciated and supported by everyone in the office – you are a fantastic team of people and I will miss the involvement.” 

“Pathway Care have always been there when we needed them. We feel safe and well supported. The staff are all professional and very helpful”.

“Being a Pathway Care foster carer has been the best time of our lives. The children gain from the care but we also get a huge personal benefit from looking after them”.

“Fostering is more than a vocation it has to be approached in a professional way”.

“Remember that when you first foster how daunting it feels. It’s even more so for the child”.


We love caring for all the different children and it has been a great privilege to help them on the tricky path of life. It’s hard enough for us with all our advantages, even harder for them”.

A Social worker endorsement of our carers

“It is due to Kath and her family’s love and attention to these children that they have progressed so well and managed to reach a point where they can be adopted and move on. I hope to work with these carers again in the future as it has been nothing but a pleasure. They have been one of the best foster carers I have ever worked with and would feel confident with any children they would have on my caseload.”