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Transfer Process

Without any obligation, we meet with you to discuss your plans to move and what we can offer. If you have a child(ren) in placement, we will look carefully at what the needs of the placement are and how we can help and support you in continuing to meet those needs.

If you haven’t already done so, we offer you opportunity to speak with our existing foster carers.

To start the transfer process to another agency, and if there is no foster child(ren) in placement, you only need to give twenty eight days notice in writing to your fostering agency of your intention to resign. However, if there is a child(ren) in placement you simply have to give written notice to both the fostering agency and to the Local Authority who placed the foster child.

Pathway Care Transfer ProcessOnce your existing agency is aware of your intention to leave we have heard of some instances where some have subjected carers to undue pressure to remain with them. If you find yourself in this situation, remind yourself that your decision to move is a decision that you have every right to make. If you are moving to Pathway Care, let us know if you find yourself in the situation and we will advise you on the appropriate action to take.

Whether you move to Pathway Care or any other agency, it is at this point they begin the foster care assessment process.

If there is a child(ren) in placement, the Local Authority will hold a protocol meeting within twenty eight days to discuss the effect of the transfer of the foster child or children in placement. We meet with your current agency and the social workers of any children in placement to discuss and agree transfer arrangement including how to manage the transfer so that any child(ren) in placement is (are) not disrupted in any way by the change in your agency arrangements.

If we have not been able to obtain your form F from your previous agency, a Pathway Care assessor will visit you to produce a new Form F Assessment, we take up references and review of your carer file. Please ask our Recruitment Officer about how we can support you through any disruption this process may involve.

We agree with all parties the date at which your assessment will be presented to our fostering panel. This will ensure all parties are aware of the date your current approval will end and when you may be approved by Pathway Care. We confirm with you and the social workers of any children in placement that the transfer is now complete.

In the majority of cases, following a protocol meeting with the placing Local Authority, agreement can be reached for any child in your care to transfer too.

This process usually takes around 3 months to complete.