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Reasons To Join Pathway Care

At Pathway Care we pride ourselves on the standards and support and training that we offer to our carers and are confident enough to put anyone thinking of transferring to Pathway Care in touch with one of our carers so they can hear first hand that this is not an idle boast.

We have an excellent record on placement stability and this cannot occur unless you have a rigorous matching process in the first instance and address any concerns quickly.

In authorities where there is tendering or a framework agreement, Pathway Care is usually in the top tier provider and therefore in the best position to be able to offer placements to carers.

We know that foster carers work at their best when they:

  • Feel valued,

  • Can make a difference,

  • Can give their best,

  •  Can fulfill their aims and aspirations.

Transfer to Pathway Care & discover the difference

Come and discover why we are proud of our learning & development, support, safeguarding, the outcomes we achieve for those in our care

We will aim to make the transfer procedure as easy as possible, guiding you through the whole process step by step, ensuring a smooth transition to the Pathway Care team (see later for details on the process).

In all our areas, Pathway Care provides mainstream foster care for children of all age ranges. Referral patterns differ by Local Authority but we care for sibling groups, those with complex needs and mother and baby placements.

In addition to these fostering services, Pathway Care has a number of specialist services that can offer both a challenge and enhanced remuneration. Both require additional professional development and the acquisition of new skills.

Safe Steps is a transitional programme aimed at helping children and young people either avoid the prospect of residential care or to help them transition from residential care into a stable family placement. This service is available in South West England, Gloucestershire, West Wales and South East Wales.

Parenting Assessment. This family based parenting assessment service runs for fixed terms of 12 weeks and has been designed with court proceedings in mind. This service is available in South West England, Bristol area, Swansea and West Wales, Cardiff and SE Wales.

Please contact our Enquiry Response Team on 0871 226 3760 and speak with a member of the recruitment team or click on the link to the right and somebody will contact you within 48hrs. Confidentiality is assured.