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Learning & Development

Pathway Care offers foster carers a wide range of training opportunities including fully supporting carers in completing their CWDC standards (or Welsh equivalent) as well as encouraging all foster carers to attain NVQ level 3 in caring for Children and Young People.

Examples of training include:

Being Healthy

  • Paediatric First Aid 

  • Promoting Healthy Outcomes for Children 

  • Disability Awareness 

  • Introduction to Attachment 

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness 

Staying Safe

  • Child Protection 

  • Safe Caring Safe Handling and De-escalation 

  • Internet Awareness 

  • Men Who Foster

Enjoying and Achieving

  • Promoting Education 

  • Communicating with Children 

  • Child Development 

  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour

Making a Positive Contribution

  • Valuing Diversity 

  • Promoting Identity and Self-esteem

  • Promoting Contact 

 Economic Well-being

  • Preparation for Independence 

  • Working with Older Children 

  • Supporting UASC

The list of learning & development programmes and their content is constantly reviewed in the light of new legislation, best practice and emerging needs.