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Gillian - Foster Carer

Disability Fostering

Fostering disabled children with specialised medical or support needs provides the child with the chance to reach their potential in a happy and safe environment. Disability fostering is a uniquely specialised form of fostering. Differing in skill and time frame, this care is available throughout a disabled child or young person’s lifetime. It’s a life-changing service that can also provide essential support and respite to the families of a disabled child.

Catering to a range of physical, emotional and learning disabilities, this form of foster care is offered by expert carers who are trained and supported to the highest possible level. As with all forms of care, disability fostering supports its carers through generous allowances and financial incentives.

To find out more about fostering disabled children call us on 0800 170 170 9 or contact us via our online enquiry form.