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The support with Pathway Care is excellent

Lisa - Foster Carer

Support for Foster Carers

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How Pathway Care support our wonderful foster carers.

We’re committed to supporting our foster carers in every way possible. Our whole team is on-hand to help you succeed and develop in your exciting new career in care. Our support for foster carers is exceptional, from foster care support groups to the generous level of allowance we offer our carers – everything is geared to ensure you love being a Pathway Care foster carer and your foster children love having you as their carer.

Fostering is a group effort, that’s why we are here 24/7 to answer questions, lend a friendly ear and steer you through this life-changing journey. The support for our foster carers comes in all shapes and sizes so there’s always more than one way we can help and guide you through your fostering experience;

Around the clock support for foster carers.

Fostering is an all day, everyday responsibility so we make sure we’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide support for our foster carers. Whatever your issue, there’s always a Pathway Care team member available to help.

Offices in your location.

We have local offices throughout the country so face-to-face support is never far away. Our local teams will work directly with you from your very first enquiry so you’ll always see the same smiling faces when you visit.

Click here to find your local Pathway Care office.

Our Buddy scheme.

What better way to help you through the worries and questions of first-time fostering than with an experienced foster carer. Our Buddy scheme partners new foster carers up with an experienced mentor who can offer one-to-one fostering support and advice, soothing any concerns and helping you become a more confident carer.

Group support.

Our local foster care support groups are the perfect opportunity to trade advice and experience with your fellow foster carers. An invaluable source of support, these groups enable you to make friends and become part of the fostering community.

Supporting birth children.

Welcoming a foster child into your home can be a confusing, complex time for a foster carer’s birth children. Pathway Care are just as committed to your own children as we are with the children in need of a home, and we are on-hand to support your whole family through this transitional period.

A well deserved break.

Pathway Care understand that we all need a break sometimes. Our dedicated team and network of carers provide foster carer support in the form of respite fostering to ensure you get the break you need to relax and recharge. Respite foster care can be just as beneficial to your foster child and family as it is to you, the carer.

Continual training and development.

We love to see our carers grow and flourish as fostering professionals. With this confidence and experience comes the opportunity to develop your capabilities and even specialise your skills further. Many of our carers go on to more challenging forms of foster care, such as for disabled children or children with behavioural issues. Whatever direction you decide to go in, we can provide training and support so you thrive as a foster carer with Pathway Care.

Online and offline fostering support.

Our expert resources and foster carer support takes many forms and is uniquely catered to your needs. Our Pathway Care foster carer login area is bursting with information and advice, our popular newsletters and magazines keep you in the loop and our Buddy Scheme means you can receive face-to-face support whenever you need it. Don’t forget to take advantage of your FosterTalk membership for tips, offer and ideas, free to all Pathway Care foster carers.

Financial support.

We have a variety of allowances and incentives open to our foster carers. This financial support is tailored to your needs and placement situation, ensuring the child(ren) you look after have everything they need and that you can do your job successfully and be rightfully rewarded.

Click here to learn more about our fostering allowances.

A helping hand and familiar face.

Once you become a fully approved foster carer, we will assign you a Supervising Social Worker. This contact will be you and your family’s dedicated fostering support contact. Alongside our wonderful team, this social worker will be able to give you tailored support and advice every step of the way.

Curious to know more about fostering? Call us on 0800 170 170 9 or contact us via the online contact form.