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I have found the foster carers provide a welcoming, heart warming, home environment and they ensure that the young peoples needs are met

Northampton County Council

Foster Care Case Studies

What is it like to be a foster carer? Our Pathway Care foster carers are the best people to tell you about the rewards of a career in fostering.

A photo of Moira, a foster carer It has to be a family decision

Moira began fostering 2 years ago and with the backing of her family she hasn’t looked back. The training offered by Pathway Care helps her stay on top of changes … read more

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A photo of William, a foster carer We can make a difference

William and his wife responded to an advert in the local press and went on to join Pathway Care in 2005. With children coming from such varied backgrounds William is … read more

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A photo of David, a foster carer We've had all the training we could wish for.

David and his wife became foster carers in 2008 and have benefitted from great training and support from Pathway Care. Their biggest reward is seeing teenage placements move on to … read more

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A photo of Jane, a foster carer Pathway Care is behind you 100%

Jane is a specialist foster carer working in our Transitional Care scheme, she fosters young people with challenging behaviour and receives great support from the Pathway Care team.

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Case Study - Carole Ann Coming to Cornwall has been the making of him. We couldn't be happier.

We used to come to Cornwall each year on holiday and, like lots of holidaymakers we fell in love with the place. The lifestyle attracted us, the fresh air, the … read more

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Peter Simmons I can work from home and spend more time with my son

Peter, aged 55, used to work as a production services manager for an Automotive Electronics company until he was made redundant earlier this year. Following news of his redundancy Peter … read more

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Peter Howe Many young children in foster care lack a positive male role model.

Peter, a foster carer with Pathway Care Group was initially asked to provide short-term care for twins Jacob and David* when they were just a few months old.  But this … read more

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Lesley Harris To be a good foster carer you need to be open minded and a good listener

Lesley has been a foster carer with Pathway Care for just over a year. With three grown up birth children and four grandchildren family-life has always been her priority. Before becoming … read more

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Jeannette's Story Pathway Care provide fantastic support, you're not left on your own

Jeannette used to work as a Prisoner Officer, she continually saw children come in and out to see their parents on visiting days and wished she could help. When husband … read more

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Ian Norman Many fostered children have no one else they can call on for support

Ian, used to be a heating engineer but the worsening economic climate caused him to look for greater job security and satisfaction. After careful consideration he followed in the footsteps of … read more

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